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   Long distance International Calling cards online have become the way of life for all the people who  live overseas and want to keep in touch with their loved ones at home. Calling cards are a simple and cheap way of staying in touch with loved ones.

   These long distance calling cards connect us to internationally connected communication lines called as Carriers. These carriers run through out the globe connecting different countries using Satellites, Cables and other communication set ups. The telephones when connected to the carrier using an authentication system like PIN Number, enable the caller to dial to the particular international lines. 

   The long distance calling cards are pre-paid cards with some amounts charged already. The amount of time one can talk with these calling cards on the phone varies depending on the type and quality of the carrier, and the cost of the same.

   The biggest advantage of International long distance calling cards are that they are origin independent. They can be used to call from any phone depending on the specifics of the area. For example an international calling card to call from US New Jersey to India can be used from any of the phones in the state of New Jersey.

   Calling cards are usually cheaper than the fixed line ISD calls by half or 1/3. The quality of the calling cards are also comparable with that of the Fixed Line calls now a days. Lots of technologies are used to enhance the quality of voice over these carriers. 

   But some some calling card companies offer cards that charge heavy hidden fee, which we do not have. 

   All the facts put together implies a simple fact that calling cards are the best option to call and interact with our loved ones.

   We at Our ShopCallingCard in association with masterbell offer the best quality calling cards at reasonable rates.

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